Wellness, Executive, and Leadership Coaching

Rosewood Coaching is dedicated to making good and talented people into great leaders and managers, eliciting the best out of employees, tapping into a person's creativity and drive, and causing an organization to run better.

Rosewood Coaching radiates integrity, ethics, and professionalism. All executive and personal coaches are credentialed through the International Coaching Federation.

Rosewood Coaching is committed to the whole person. The key to a successful organization is its people. The coaches of Rosewood Coaching are committed to people, helping them function at their best. Rosewood's credentialed executive coaches use science-based methodology to achieve change. It is a process-focused, professional, outcome-driven system whereby a client achieves organizational and personal excellence through a variety of assessments, interviews and exercises.

Why the name Rosewood? The Rosewood tree is a thing of great durability and strength. Its wood is rare and richly hued; and each tree's unique patterns are as individual as they are beautiful. Rosewood Coaching encounters each client as a unique individual-with his or her own patterns and strengths.

Bobbie Sue Wolk and Rick Wolk

Leadership Team

Bobbie Sue Wolk and Rick Wolk, principals at Rosewood Coaching, are a very strong and committed team. They stand with feet firmly planted on the ground, but aim high as they encourage clients to achieve lofty goals. She is trained in the behavioral sciences and industrial organizational psychology, which serve as the roots of the executive coaching industry. He is an entrepreneurial expert. A business junkie. He can't help himself. He sees incredible potential in business start-ups and in the people who launch them. Together they balance the head knowledge of the science-based approaches involved in executive coaching, along with an organic and intuitive sense of a client's wholeness-their professional, personal and spiritual potential, which they tap into effortlessly and expectantly, giving people the space and the freedom to...dare we say it?—step out on a limb. Or branch out into new ways of thinking and responding to those around them.

From exit interviews and 360-degree assessments conducted through Rosewood Coaching, clients leave the coaching experience feeling satisfied not only with the assessments and tools that were provided, but with the care and selection of each client to one of Rosewood's fully credentialed executive coaches.

Bobbie Sue Wolk, MS, MCC, BCC, NBC-HWC

Principal, Rosewood Coaching
Owner, Rosewood Accounting

Bobbie Sue Wolk, MS, MCC, BCC, NBC-HWC is certified with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has coached clients on every continent except Antarctica. Wolk is also certified through the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching (ICHWC) and is a Board-Certified Coach, as well as a mentor coach and faculty member at the College of Executive Coaching. Bobbie is an industrial-organizational psychologist, accountant, business consultant, adjunct professor at the Washington State University, author, and entrepreneur with experience in all aspects of running organizations that achieve success. With over 30 years of accounting and tax experience and owning her own business, Bobbie takes a holistic approach to her work with leaders to maximize their potential: personally, professionally, and spiritually to provide the optimal balance in life.

Bobbie Sue Wolk is certified in the use of the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQI.2.0) and is a master trainer to certify others in the EQI 2.0 and EQI 360. In addition, Bobbie Sue is certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, CPI 260, the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) and the VIA (Values in Action) assessments.

Bobbie Sue received her BA from the University of Anchorage, Alaska in accounting, her MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Capella University and graduated from the College of Executive Coaching 128-hour program. Wolk has worked for many industries and organizations around the world, such as: Providence Hospital, Saltchuck, Washington State University, Alaska Heart & Vascular, Coeur Mining, US Navy, United Way, Chamber of Commerce, Sealaska, Small Business Administration, BP Exploration and Alaska Brewing Company.

Dr. Rick Wolk, MBA, ACPEC, BCC, PCC

Principal, Rosewood Coaching
Chair, Vistage International (Alaska)


Dr. Rick Wolk is a Board-Certified Executive/ Corporate/ Business/ Leadership Coach (BCC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), chief executive development group Chair, educator, researcher, consultant, and entrepreneur with decades of experience in all aspects of running organizations that strive for whole-brain excellence. Industries where Rick has helped leaders achieve their business and personal goals include higher education, aviation, healthcare, retail, distribution, media, manufacturing, real estate, beverages, architecture, insurance, telecommunications, re-manufacturing, information technology, seafood, information technology, engineering, and financial services. Rick is certified by The Myers & Briggs Foundation to professionally and ethically administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs® assessments. Dr. Wolk is also certified by Herrmann International in applying and interpreting the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®) and utilizing the Whole Brain® Thinking System. The HBDI® assessment helps people to better understand the thinking preferences of themselves and others so they can better execute, collaborate, and communicate. Rick is also a Leadership Circle Profile Certified (LCP) Practitioner; the LCP is the only 360 instrument that measures the two primary leadership domains—Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies—and integrates this information so that key opportunities for leadership development immediately rise to the surface. He is also EQ-I (2.0) certified.

In addition to his chief executive roles, Rick has successfully managed business development, sales, marketing, and strategy functions. With over 12 years of university teaching experience Rick also has experience developing, leading, and growing graduate and undergraduate academic programs in business administration. Rick is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, chief executives, and business owners around the world to start, grow and change their businesses for the better.

Whether collaborating one-on-one with clients or working with a team, Rick's style of facilitation is like his dozen years' work as an educator for adult graduate and undergraduate learners and his work coaching chief executives. More the ‘scribe on the side' than the ‘sage on the stage', Rick engages client participants in an atmosphere of active learning where he uses caring, creative questioning and engaging exercises to carefully draw out everyone in the room, introverts and extroverts both, so that participants co-create, learn from each other in a manner that helps make the learning 'stick' for each participant's own picture of success...and have fun in the process.

Rick earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Dr. Wolk then earned his PhD at Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, England; while at Leeds, Rick's research helped entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses' growth by finding on-ramps to a system of logic that successful entrepreneurs have used to grow their businesses to annual revenue levels between $200 million and $1.5 billion.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. Henry David Thoreau