Rosewood Coaching specializes in the whole person.

So many times — whether sitting in a waiting room or standing in line, we are asked to "take a number." Yes. It's efficient. But there's something about that. It takes away the essence and difference we possess as people and moves us into the global "customer" category.

At Rosewood Coaching, their commitment is to you-the client: to you as an individual. You are coming to them with your "stuff" and asking them to assist you in bringing out the individual qualities that make you unique; that make you a contributor to the community, or a valued member of a particular team or organization.

Clients who have gone through the process of executive or personal coaching with Rosewood Coaching highly endorse the experience. It is a unique experience-no two can be put through the exact same process. Rosewood Coaching has a knack for honing in on the individual and creating a plan for success: Success in your personal life, success in your career, and success in achieving life balance.

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Bobbie Sue radiates integrity, ethics and professionalism. Her advice is spot on, and her ability to help is immense. She quickly hones in on developmental areas, and then helps you help yourself. And the best part is that it is wrapped up in the thoughtful and friendly package that is Bobbie Sue. Tim Arnold, EVP & COO

Bobbie Sue is generous with her time and information. Her support, thoughtful feedback, and encouragement gave us the confidence we needed to start our own coaching business. Crescent and Dave Seibert, Crescent Seibert Coaching

I would say Bobbie Sue made me unstuck, I gained so much from my time with her. It was life changing. You move forward in the ways that you want to move forward. I found Bobbie Sue to be relatable, authentic, wise, and highly effective. Michelle Lieb, Executive Coach

I had just been hired for a position in Juneau. I knew I could be successful, but I did not bring a lot of experience to the table. Bobbie Sue helped me to identify what the important qualities were for me to develop in myself in order to be an excellent leader, which translated into really effective behaviors for me. Austin Shafer, Executive

I sought out an executive coach to position myself for success. I was very intentional. And she provided guidance, encouragement, and a skill set that allowed me to improve the way I interacted with people. I believe that it was my lack of interpersonal skills that was getting in the way of my success. My time with Bobbie Sue was very impactful. She helped me remove the obstacles that were in my way. She taught me to focus on my strengths instead of my weaknesses. I had my eye on a particular position in Alaska and I am happy to say that after some time, I got the position. I think a lot of it was because of what I learned from her. Douglas Shrage, Fire Chief

I wish I could express my thankfulness for coaching, what it is bringing and yet to bring to me. The focus on positive attributes, goals, values and the cognitive, action-oriented methods are what I have been craving, but somehow unable to put together myself. The other sparkling piece is being coached by Bobbie Sue; she is a natural in focusing in on the positives of people and life in general. Pam Sacco, RN

I was part of Rick's Vistage group for 5 years. I am grateful for the knowledge and advice I gained for my business and my own personal development. I highly recommend Rick for coaching and Vistage. Richard Sorge, President, PacRim Properties

Bobbie Sue has demonstrated extreme dedication and perseverance under the most extreme conditions. I have relied on her exceptional organizational skills and uplifting spirit in times of duress. Anyone who has spent time with her, is in awe of her consistency at being a positive, driving force. She is a very loving and giving person with an amazing capacity for being extremely tough and tenacious at the same time. I would recommend her with the highest degree of honor. Eric Wycoff, IT Specialist

I came to Bobbie Sue seeking tools to help me evaluate some current and potential professional opportunities, and make some really tough decisions about the direction that would make me happiest over the next five years. During an intensive, two-month period, Bobbie Sue suggested relevant exercises, books, and writing assignments that helped me to step back and place these decisions in the larger context of my overall values and identify what is, and is not, negotiable in my life. Several times during the process, her insightful comments stopped me in my tracks, and helped me to see a situation in a much clearer and more expansive way. I highly recommend her! Amy Lea, Administrator

Rick consistently brings great thoughts and ideas. He offers great guidance and perspective to me for my professional development. Jana Smith, Regional VP, Parker Smith & Feek

Even though I have been a successful entrepreneur for over 15 years, I was struggling with a lack of focus and some frustration regarding the results I was getting versus the time I was spending working. I was creating great income but I was sapped of energy and felt worn out from work. Bobbie Sue helped me really dissect what I truly want to create in my life and in my work. And it turned out that what I thought I wanted in the beginning was way different than what my soul really desired. I was headed in the wrong direction! Thank goodness Bobbie Sue helped me get on the right track! With Bobbie Sue's help I was able to unearth the truth about what I am created to do and be. This was an incredibly fulfilling and helpful journey with measurable results! Bobbie Sue really made the process fun—there was some work—but mostly it felt like play - keep in mind that my workaholic tendencies really enjoyed that the coaching had some "play" in it. Bobbie Sue's wise counsel and encouraging suggestions helped me create positive momentum in my life. She taught me how to eliminate time wasters and streamline my work day. She helped me accomplish much more in less time - so I had more time for some much needed fun. And she helped me quickly see how I could reach the goals that are most important to the balanced joyful life I am creating each day. Bobbie Sue is a gem of a coach. If you get the chance to work with Bobbie Sue, your life will truly be blessed! Jana Powell, Entreprenuer

Bobbie Sue has a high level of knowledge and skill in the areas of coaching, business and psychology. In working with Bobbie Sue, I have found her to be insightful and articulate in state-of-the-art theories of coaching and consulting. She brings the strength of graduate education knowledge in the area of organizational psychology to inform her coaching work. The approaches Bobbie uses, such as appreciative inquiry, are methods I know to be powerful. Bobbie Sue is highly professional. She is the kind of person of integrity who walks her talk and has a high standard of ethics. Bobbie Sue is a natural leader – the kind who helps others excel. In other words she is an exceptional person, who is always going out of her way to help others and bring out the best in others. She has a passion for what she does and inspires others. Deborah Welch, Ph.D.

Bobbie Sue Wolk demonstrates excellent ability in rapport building, coaching presence, direct communication, designing actions, planning and goal setting, and managing accountability. Jeffrey E. Auerbach, Ph.D., MCC, President, College of Executive Coaching

Bobbie Sue is a highly ethical and purposeful coach. She is a warm and caring individual who can co-create the relationship, facilitate learning and results. She aims for the highest standard of coaching and works with her clients to this end. Diane Foster, Certified Master Coach and MA

I believe in coaching as a tool to improve performance by helping individuals identify strengths, abilities and aspirations and then setting goals and an action plan to realize those opportunities. I have personally used Bobbie Sue Wolk as an executive coach and what I realized and what I have accomplished in my coaching sessions with her have been invaluable not only in my professional career but in my personal life. Ken Southerland, SPHR, Human Resource Manager

The way to develop the best that is in a man is by appreciation and encouragement. Charles Shwab