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Though the Executive Coaching field has been around for more than a decade, there is still a lack of understanding about how executive coaches and personal coaches are used.

It might be best to describe what coaching is not: it is not therapy. Although it can be effectively used for those mid and senior-level professionals who are on their way out the door, that is not the primary purpose of an executive coach. It's not a confessional either...though what is discussed between the coach and the client is considered confidential.

Executive coaching is a profession that draws from aspects of behavioral and industrial organizational psychology, coupled with assessments, structured conversations, and powerful questions to guide an individual into personal insight. The accountability the client has to the coach propels the client forward, with the coach navigating them through fear and onto peak performance. It is an opportunity to discover gifts and talents, passions and sensibilities, along with an objective and measured look at an individual's strengths and weaknesses. It is then about creating a plan to achieve results. The process of executive coaching helps identify patterns, establish goals, and develop and implement an action plan to move an individual into realizing their potential, not only as an employee, manager, or business leader, but as a person who possesses an optimal balance in every aspect of his or her life.

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